About Naomi Clare Crellin


I am an Experience Designer with Sparks (www.sparksonline.com), a Global Brand Experience Agency. My initial evolution as a designer began with my experiments as an artist.  For a number of years I led a ‘double life’; working at a strategy consulting company while also practicing as an artist and drafting, designing and making furniture with my husband, Peter (www.petertrumbullcrellin.com). My education at the Rhode Island School of Design continued the importance of art to my creative process and generated, underscored this with, a fundamental interest in conceptual meaning. Today these influences all converge in my design perspective: the power and poetry of art in storytelling; the meaning of craft and materiality in production; the pervasive resonance of a strategic and thoughtful collaborative process.

My interests as a designer are focused on the intersection of spatial experience and message – whether that be mission or brand or educational. In my work as an event, exhibit & environmental designer I have experienced unparalleled opportunities to explore these interests through design of communicative environments for brands, governmental organizations and mission-based not-for-profits. I am lucky to work with talented, experienced and creative colleagues, from design through production, generating ideas and telling stories through design, seeing dreams come to life, come true, at an exhilarating rate.


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