About Naomi Clare Crellin


Creative Strategy is the craft of audience engagement in line with a marketing message and in pursuit of longer range business goals. I am a Engagement Strategist, an Experiential Content Creator and a Story Crafter. I am found practicing my craft in the places and spaces where humans convene and businesses have messages to deliver.

Successful engagements will tell stories, evoke emotions, prompt reflections and in so doing – communicate with your audience. This is all centered on your understanding of these humans – who are they? what do they care about? why do they pay attention?

I use human-centered-design techniques to create meaningful audience connections. Because, when we connect meaningfully, the experiences we craft extend beyond a singular moment to create resonant impact – shifting perspectives, forming loyalties, building brand advocates and generating actions. This is the point at which all the softer human-centered talk becomes tangible and measurable. But to get to the steely-eyed analytics we start with the heart.

Like the term ‘Creative Strategy’, this is a balance that benefits from the yin and yan, the left and right brain, the two sides to every story, existing in concert with one another.

My initial evolution as a creative began with my experiments as an artist.  For a number of years I led a ‘double life’; working at a strategy consulting company while also practicing as an artist and drafting, designing and making furniture with my husband, Peter (www.petertrumbullcrellin.com).

My education at the Rhode Island School of Design continued the importance of art to my creative process and generated, underscored this with, a fundamental interest in conceptual meaning. Today these influences all converge in my perspective: the power and poetry of art in storytelling; the meaning of craft and materiality in production; the pervasive resonance of a strategic and thoughtful creative process.

Get in touch to discuss any creative strategy needs you or your organization may have:

Naomi Clare Crellin



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