The Journey Home 2011

The Journey Home is Baltimore’s 10 year plan to end homelessness. They had their first fundraising gala in 2011, and Hargrove was asked to help with the design and production of the event. After brainstorming with Chuck and Allison, we developed an overall design concept that guests experience a Journey throughout the evening, set in whimsical outdoor scenes that sought to heighten guest’s awareness of outside vs. inside. Much credit for the design direction here must be given to Chuck and Allison’s open mindedness to a rather unusual approach to event design. This was not to be a typical gala – nor did they want it to be.

The gala decor and design that was developed was for a fun filled evening that focused on a sense of innocence, hope and positivity, but never forgetting the mission of the Journey Home, our Baltimore location, and the individuals that The Journey Home will help – some of whom have endured extremely difficult experiences. Throughout the decor designs, the approach to materials, textures and objects is expressed through the creative use and adornment of surprising and thought-provoking material: essentially communicating that one can find and make beauty from the most raw circumstance or situation in life. We drew, illustrated and hand-colored all of the artwork for this event, and printed onto raw materials like cardboard and luan. Clouds and flowers were made of paper, rowhouse displaying mission content were fashioned from cardboard and 2x4s, continuing our embrace of raw material and applying it in unusual ways.

This project could not have happened without all the talented folks at Hargrove. The concept and design was developed with Ron Nicynski, Account Executive, who was and is a champion of creativity. I am forever grateful to Mike and all of the skilled craftsmen in our production shop who tirelessly assembled paper clouds (and worked with cardboard thought it is not a standard material choice!), to Robert King who skillfully colored all of the illustrations as one of his first Hargrove design team tasks, and to Billy Alexander, Karen Tate and the graphics production team for translating all of the artwork for print and making our rowhouses possible.

jhcb_Page_1jhcb_Page_2jhcb_Page_3  D34_7433






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