Orientalist Art Events

This was an exhibit design – event design hybrid project that was executed in two locations, Washington D.C. at the Mellon Auditorium and in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit featured a world class collection of orientalist art and the events included a symposium of thought leaders and gallery-opening-style evening reception. On the design side we were responsible for defining not only flow and space planning for the exhibits, but also graphic design development and created the foundation’s logo as a part of this process.

This was a very involved and challenging project where I was engaged in a role of art and creative direction. Many thanks and credits indeed go to my talented design colleagues, Marie-Noelle Daigneault and David Truong, who spent many hours designing and creating the most beautiful of renderings, Meghan Schofield and Robert King who worked on graphic design, and Greg Jones who engineered and detailed the myriad of components for these exhibits/events. The Account Executive for this project was Ron Nicynski, Renee Spragg was Account Manager, Matt Solsbery was Project Manager and the wonderful Dan Kitchen was Production Manager. I am beyond proud of how this project turned out – it couldn’t have come to fruition without drawing upon the fullest extents of the Hargrove team’s talents.

Renderings are followed by photos, DC then NY.

Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_03 Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_05 Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_07 Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_09 Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_08 Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_17 Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_10 Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_18 Presentation layout 11 X 17_072912_Page_20

jcb-001 jcb-009jcb-014jcb-011jcb-005jcb-024jcb-021jcb-020


IMG_2300 IMG_2301 IMG_2308 IMG_2320IMG_2318  IMG_2330 IMG_2332 IMG_2358 IMG_2354 IMG_2365IMG_2337 IMG_2364

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