Let Freedom Ring! 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Design work on the Let Freedom Ring! 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the March on Washington was comprehensive – from concept and creative development, to artwork for logos, letterheads, programs, signage, tickets and credentials, to banners, graphic walls and stage presentations of varying sizes and formats. Though not all of the initially envisioned events took place in the end, the following images show how a core concept for creative was cohesively conceived and consistently applied across a myriad of experience touchpoints.

The core creative concept for artwork was inspired by the placards that carried the hopes, dreams and demands of a people that marched on Washington to call for Freedom fifty years ago. The layering and application of the placard motif conveyed the motion and momentum of the masses that marched. The typography, particularly the treatment of the word FREEDOM, reflected an echo, a reverberation through history and time: Let Freedom Ring!

It was an honor to design for this project and a wonderful experience working with the talented team at BCT Consulting Group, the Executive Producers.

Initial Concept Board:

MLK_Legacy Awards_conceptboard

Artwork development:

logo 1a_image for word PrayerService credentials

MLK 50th_Tix_Creds_Page_2MLK 50th_Tix_Creds_Page_1IMG_3153IMG_3149



Designs for the Freedom Festival:MLK 50thGlobal Freedom Festival 2013_stage__color_options_Page_1MLK 50thGlobal Freedom Festival 2013_stage__color_options_Page_2MLK 50thGlobal Freedom Festival 2013_stage__color_options_Page_3MLK 50th_GlobalFreedomFestival_tentconcepts_Page_2MLK 50th_GlobalFreedomFestival_tentconcepts_Page_3

Designs for the King Center Legacy Awards:

MLK_Legacy Awards_Page_1MLK_Legacy Awards_Page_2MLK_Legacy Awards_Page_3MLK_Legacy Awards_Page_4

Closing Commemoration:

MLK 50th_Closing_Graphic Studies_Page_1MLK 50th_Closing_Graphic Studies_Page_4

jcb-004 jcb-008 jcb-016  jcb-067 jcb-166 jcb-180

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