Human Rights Campaign National Dinner 2012

The 2012 HRC National Dinner took the statement “Make Equality Count” as its tagline. We interpreted this as design concept of Volume | Volume –  the idea of a convergence of multitudes to create a mass momentum. The look and feel of the party overall was to embrace a kind of art haus | warehouse party, glowing cubes and ‘pixels’ created a motif throughout.

This was an amazing night and a huge scale event to watch emerge, come to life, within the convention center. I love working with Chris Speron and the talented team at HRC, who are all such treasured thought partners and collaborators. This project would not have happened without the contributions of the whole Hargrove team, from the positivity and can-do attitude of estimating and production management to the detailed packing and labeling of panels in the workshop and onsite.

The Hargrove team was led by Ron Nicynski, Account Executive, and included Kathryn Botsford, Production Manager; Renee Spragg, Account Manager; Will Nicholson, Project Manager; Jameson Shroyer, Detailer. Amazing lighting was provided by Benji Tschudin and Atmosphere. And of course, Mitch Curtis, stage manager and friend, who worked with me on the dj riser/platform until way too late at night!

Photo credits: Juan Carlos Briceno [fotobriceno].

hrc2012_silentauction_092312_Page_2 hrc2012_silentauction_092312_Page_5 hrc2012_silentauction_092312_Page_3 hrc2012_stage092212_Page_2 hrc2012_stage092212_Page_3 JCB-008 JCB-044 JCB-046 JCB-033 JCB-053 JCB-064 JCB-067 JCB-086 JCB-084  JCB-092 JCB-102

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