Human Rights Campaign National Dinner 2011

For the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner 2011, their event message was ‘BE’ [a part of equality]. We interpreted this as with a design concept of ‘Reveal’; in the entrance tunnel experience a series of gates were emblazoned with word clouds made of terms that would finish a statement beginning with ‘Be’: Gay, proud, equal, true, loved, bi-sexual, engaged, married, and so on. In the silent auction settings we wanted to create a heightened sense of retail/ gallery space. We were inspired by the idea of a chelsea gallery space; enclosing the space in a translucent permeable sheer membrane, removing carpet to create a raw concrete floor, and creating installation art chandeliers out of caution tape as an expressive vibrant ‘core’. I adore the team at HRC and loved working on this project. On the Hargrove side I worked with Ron Nicynski, Senior Account Executive, Drew Harman, Production Manager, and Will Nicholson, Project Manager. I cannot thank them all enough for facilitating all of my creative craziness for this event – it would not have happened without their positive attitudes – it was a truly great experience to go on site and help build the caution tape installation art pieces with Josh and Jaime from the crew. And, to cap it all off, Obama stood in front of our awesome rolling step and repeat (fondly nicknamed the ice-cube by the HRC team)!

DSC03541DSC03528  Untitled-6  Untitled-3 Untitled-2  US President Barack Obama delivers remarHRCCallOuts_0916_Page_1 HRCCallOuts_0916_Page_2HRC_ChandelierRedesign_Page_1



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