2012 Cherry Blossom Festival Centennial

The 2012 Cherry Blossom Festival Centennial was the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Gift of Trees. The stage set was inspired by an abstracted ‘shoji’ panel grid, carrying cherry blossoms and two large cherry trees that flanked the stage. The translucent white sheer drape travelled to open and present a field of 100 blossoms as a backdrop to the evening’s perfomers, who included the Washington Ballet, and Sara Bareilles. The Hargrove team was led by Tiffany Ball, Account Executive, and included Katie Frank, Account Manager; Hana Sellers, Estimator; and the amazing Dave Shuhy as the very patient detailer (he is now a designer, btw) who determined the hanging grid for the shoji screen grid. Bless you, Dave.

Photos are followed by design renderings. Photo credit once again to the amazing Juan Carlos Briceno.jcb-029jcb-007jcb-126 jcb-003jcb-128jcb-156jcb-157jcb-169jcb-180cbc_RENDERING010912_Page_02cbc_RENDERING010912_Page_03cbc_RENDERING010912_Page_04cbc_RENDERING_Rev_020912cbc_RENDERING010912_Page_07

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