InterAmerican Development Bank – Welcome Center

This thought-provoking and innovative interpretive exhibit at the IDB’s HQ in Washington DC, was prompted by the Bank’s 60th Anniversary.

Visitors were encouraged to consider perceptions of Latin America, test their own perspectives, and reflect on progress made over the past 60 years.

Each story of regional innovation was based around the experience of an individual and was told by a narrator. This helped ensure the centrality of the human voice in story-telling, balancing the presence of technology and digital media.

The various stories were connected by hands-on interactives that ensured the act of inquiry and reflection in engaging attendees with the experience.

IDB SLIDES_Page_1.jpgIDB SLIDES_Page_2.jpgHargrove_IDB0001.jpgHargrove_IDB0017.jpgHargrove_IDB0015.jpgHargrove_IDB0018.jpgHargrove_IDB0016.jpgHargrove_IDB0019.jpg

IDB Welcome Center AB 0626_Page_01.jpg

IDB Welcome Center AB 0626_Page_02.jpg

IDB Welcome Center AB 0626_Page_03.jpg

IDB Welcome Center AB 0626_Page_04.jpg

IDB Welcome Center AB 0626_Page_06.jpg

IDB Welcome Center AB 0626_Page_07.jpg

IDB Welcome Center AB 0626_Page_09.jpg

IDB Welcome Center AB 0626_Page_10.jpg

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