AIPAC 2013

The scale of this policy conference for approximately 15,000 visitors encompassed designs for lounges, public spaces, entrances, numerous environmental design elements, and transformed the DC Convention Center for 3 days. This project stands as an example of the depth and capabilities of the Hargrove team – it was truly a scope that could not have been realized without the talents of all involved. I feel honored to have been a part of this huge effort and enjoyed art directing, creating identities and designing for the various environments and elements, all of which were unique in their own right but which cohesively conveyed the overall messaging and brand throughout.

The project was led and driven by Account Executive Chris Fulghum, on the Hargrove design team there was amazing work contributed by Grant Couloumbe, Robert King, David Shuhy and David Truong; from detailing by Greg Jones and Ed, from the Production Management team by John Aulbach and Hana Sellers; a team of Account Managers led by Renee Spragg; Project Managers including Chris Wellons and Matt Solsbery; Jeff and pretty much the entire cadre of shop craftsmen; And, last but by no means least, beautiful styling details by Brooke Steuart.

Photos and a smattering of renderings follow. Photo credits Juan Carlos Briceno.

Entrance Experiences:

Pages from LStreetTent_012313_sm

jcb-009 jcb-189

Village Coffee Shop (nicknamed, the ‘beanstalk’):

Pages from Village Cafe 020113-2

jcb-090   Pages from Village Cafe 020113

jcb-076 jcb-075

The Bookstore:

Pages from AIPAC_Bookstore_020113

jcb-072  jcb-067 jcb-066

An example of Grant’s awesome word art. Full scale these were 5′ x 5′ prints that used only words to create the images – appearing almost photographic from far away, the word clouds created abstract forms close -up:Pages from AIPAC_Bookstore_020113-2

Lounge Environments:

Inspired by the Olive Grove, visitors entered this lounge under a graphic canopy of olive leaves and branches. Communal ‘tree’ tables were positioned throughout the space.


jcb-092 jcb-099

A youthful red, white and blue stripe motif, and some amazing artwork by our 2012 intern Rebecca Nolte, energized this lounge space:

jcb-089 jcb-080


Inspired by the mosaics of Old Town Jerusalem, this lounge space featured a warm jerusalem stone color palette and utilized a screen and arch aesthetic to define both public and private spaces, creating some beautiful moments of light and shadow patterns thoughout:

jcb-048jcb-063 jcb-060  jcb-053  ‘Food Trucks’ were positioned throughout the halls. We created identities for each cuisine being served and awesome graphic wraps were designed by Robert King:jcb-038 jcb-036 Executive Dining Room:


Pre-function space:

jcb-173 jcb-172


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