ITC Sparkle 2013

Hargrove designs for the Reagan International Trade Centre’s 2013 Sparkle Lounge – an industry event to ring in the new year – embraced black and white geometric patterns and the humble green apple. Using bistro lights and crystal and black beads arranged in geometric patterns, this event channeled an urbanite glam aesthetic that highlighted some of the anticipated 2013 decor trends. Hargrove decor and communal tables in particular got a mention in Bizbash ‘Best Ideas’.

It was a joy working with the team at ITC and at Hargrove – big Cheers! go to Kathryn Botsford, Production Manager, Katie Frank, Account Manager, Will Nicolson, Project Manager – and of course, to Mike Proska, Account Executive, who empowered, guided and enabled his team to create a wonderful event.

Mood board below, followed by images (courtesy Juan Carlos Briceno,, and then original renderings. Enjoy!


jcb-076jcb-079jcb-038 jcb-062    jcb-063   jcb-027  jcb-019 jcb-018 jcb-017 jcb-014 jcb-012 jcb-008  jcb-001 ITC_Sparkle_2013_Renderings_Page_7 ITC_Sparkle_2013_Renderings_Page_6 ITC_Sparkle_2013_Renderings_Page_5 ITC_Sparkle_2013_Renderings_Page_4 ITC_Sparkle_2013_Renderings_Page_3


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