global down syndrome foundation – jet set fashion show

Another project from early in my time at Hargrove. I wish this project had happened, I think mainly because it was for such a great cause: I spent a summer working at a camp for down syndrome kids and loved every last one of them. There were so many hugs that summer! Anyway, the concept for their self-titled “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself: Jet Set Fashion Show” was an embrace of the Foundation logo and a celebration of the extra chromosome. To express this we played with inexpensive positive and negative routing techniques: on the back wall display we removed panel¬†material to make the glowing logo pattern, on the front flanking walls we applied the dimensional logo as a raised profile that would have looked awesome under event lighting conditions. I worked on this project with Mike Proska, Account Executive, and Drew Harman, Production Manager.

GDS_FashionShow_Page_1 GDS_FashionShow_Page_2 GDS_FashionShow_Page_3 GDS_FashionShow_Page_4 GDS_FashionShow_Page_5


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