Academic Work @ RISD: Thesis Project – Providence Jewelry Museum

My Graduate Thesis Project was designing a new home for the Providence Jewelry Museum. With a concept of “Knowing Process, Knowing Place” or Setting | Setting, I proposed renovating three connected buildings on the Providence Canal that had once – originally – been a raw metals warehouse; a hardware store; a jewellers studio. In each of the buildings respectively exhibits were placed to focus on metallurgy & history; tools & techniques; jewelry & metalwork.

While the layout was designed to accommodate a constructivist viewing experiences for visitors, the didactic flow would take visitors up a grand staircase to the gallery at the most historic point of the building where a rooftop addition framed a view to downtown Providence. Here they would learn about the roots and importance of the jewelry trade and craft to Providence, understand the materials available to makers, then pass through technique galleries and  jewelry display galleries as the museum visitors wound back down through the building via a series of ramps and staircases.

A great deal of work samples follow. I do hope you have the patience to review them all! This was a prolific, complex and thoughtful project – for which I won RISD Interior Architecture’s award for ‘Most Outstanding Graduate Thesis’.



Still 2


Still 7

Process & Product Diagramming

Still 31

Historic Map of Providence’s Trade & Business District

Still 32

Images of District’s notable sites

Still 8

Site Analysis: Location

Still 10

Site Analysis: Environmental / Wind & Solar

Still 11

Site Analysis: Adjacencies & Gallery Vistas

Still 12

Exploration: Intervention diagramming

Still 14

Exploration : Intervention modelling

Still 13


Still 15

Site Section

Still 33

Longitudinal Section

Still 36

Cross Section

Still 34

Entrance Rendering

Still 38

Grand Stair Experience

Still 23

Stair Screen & Small Work Display Case Concept

Still 39

View from Elevator toward Providence Gallery

Still 26

Providence Gallery Space – Before

Still 27

Providence Gallery Space Addition

Still 28

Providence Gallery Space – Sectional Detail

Still 29

Tools & Technique Gallery Space – Before

Still 30

Tools & Technique Gallery Addition

Still 35

Exterior Rendering: Gallery Additions


Exterior Rendering: Gallery Additions


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