RISD Interior Architecture Graduate Thesis Exhibition

RISD Department of Interior Architecture    interior architecture screen wall    risd interior architecture screen wall  

risd interior architecture screen wall              RISD interior architecture exhibition room        

This past semester my assistantship was ‘Director of Curatorial Assistants’. I coordinated the activities of seven Curatorial Assistants in producing three shows: the biggest of which was the Department of Interior Architecture’s exhibit at RISD’s Graduate Thesis Show. For the first time, our department had been asked to present work via digital projection. We were initially concerned that our work – by its nature three dimensional – would be misrepresented when projected in 2D form on a surface. So we proposed working with the existing exhibit system to cut the front walls  of our projection room.  This helped keep the room filled with light, connect the interior with the exterior. Concept models and portfolio books for the graduating students were displayed, encouraging interaction. DWR was kind enough to donate seating so that visitors could sit a while, read the books that the students had made, and comfortably watch the movie projections on the walls. Some photos from that exhibit are shown here.

Design & Production Credits: Sarah Adeel, Nien-Ming Chen, Rachel Chotin, Mi-Hyun Kim, Sara Kim, Lindsay Kupeski, Seyoung Lee, Annie Lee, Maya Marx, Kalyn Pavlinic, Julia Robertson, Sang-Uk Ryu, Emre Toner.



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