Living Room Table

dscn1946.jpg   dscn1952.jpg   dscn1959.jpg dscn1971.jpg   dscn1965.jpg   dscn1968.jpg

This table was designed with living room activities in mind. The concept began with a focus on the consumption of wine, and protection against possible spillage. All living room activities were analyzed: the table design also provides designated storage for CD’s, magazines, snacks, flowers, ipods, and remotes, leaving clear surfaces for the placement of additional items as needed. The design and placement of the recesses was first driven by function and second influenced by a pattern of snow fall. The table was constructed of 8 laser cut layers of baltic birch ply, the edges hand rubbed to retain a caramel color left by the laser cut burn. A clear waterproof gel finish was applied. The legs are steel, welded to plates that were recessed into routed areas of the bottom layer of the table .  This was a collaborative independent study with fellow grad student Helen Park and designed under the direction of Prof. Liliane Wong, during the RISD wintersession of 2006/7. The table was donated to the Pine Street Inn in Boston, MA and auctioned at their charity benefit in the Spring of 2007.


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